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LoNigeria’s worst democratic leaders so far

Nigeria's past presidents
Nigeria’s worst democratic leaders

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The Making of the worst black presidents.
1st October 1960, Nigeria gained a guided independence, it was at then said to be the best thing that ever happened in that era, today we don’t know who to blame 1914 or 1960? After Fredrick Lugard was called in to replace Egerton, though amalgamation was opposed majorly in Lagos by the media against all odds a great Nation was formed. It was like a forced marriage, the woman is happy for the first month then in the second month the salt loses it’s taste and the honey becomes sour, a sweet-sour situation that introduced us to joy and anguish. Since 1960 Nigeria is still confused on the type of leadership system to embrace, torn between military, democracy, autocracy Laissez-faire and bureaucratic comparing themselves to the fairer skins trying to force a black brain work like a white one though they are the same, cherishing what the white man does and how he does it forgetting that Africa was where civilization started and how special we blacks are, used to think rare was ostentatious why is it different when it comes to human race?
Treating the transition of military to democracy will require more pages, so let’s just take a deep look into the present 19 years of uninterrupted democracy which is currently headed by The Great General Muhammadu Buhari.
In 1999 Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo was elected as the president of Nigeria after reportedly winning 60 percent of the casted vote, way before that he handed over to the first civilian ruler which boosted his international profile as a man of peace but every greatness comes with a price and so does power come with responsibility, Obasanjo proved to be the most irresponsible leader on the globe when he failed to provide an uninterrupted and steady electricity for the country and created a trend of giving excuse. Obasanjo spent more than what the United States gave for their uninterrupted power supply, also he was the only person to rule Nigeria for twelve years and months but Nigeria couldn’t boast of having a world standard industry apart from the Music Industry thanks to Fela who was his sworn Enemy. Lack of Electricity can be voted or said to be the reason why Nigerians can still be called lazy. Obasanjo had some dirt in his tea when he failed to immortalize the Democracy legend who lost his life fighting for a Democratic Nigeria “M. K. O Abiola ” He was a man of the people and Obasanjo couldn’t bare sharing his own glory as he totally ignored him for all his whooping eight years in a democratic office seating on a chair crafted from another man’s blood. Obviously Gen. Obasanjo couldn’t be our greatest fall from glory as he did well in some aspects, it may interest you that Obasanjo was the first president to increase workers salary without any labour action, he was fully involved in the launch of the first Nigerian satellite Nigcom sat1. Noting that GSM was not part of his achievements, GSM came and he was there to welcome it but then undoubtedly OBJ did his own best for Nigeria. Do bear in mind that he had little or no case of insurgency to distract him.
Handing over to a man that was not all that popular, Alahaji Musa Yar-adua came as a surprise to Nigerians, knowing little about democracy Nigerians trooped behind him, Late Yar-adua was a man of integrity and never ceased to show it until his last days he was well read and educated and has-been the only leader to state out his goals publicly and completely achieved 20 per cent in two years, Militancy and the economy was set in the right direction under him unfortunately the seven point agenda man was snatched from Nigerians. On our scale Yar-adua didn’t make it to our list of bad leaders.
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had Nigerians confused for a while but it is all clear now, Jonathan took over Aso-rock after the death of Umaru Musa Yar-adua, we have been in the cycle of choosing between two armed robbers, the one that looks more gentle, Nigerians do miss him alot especially when it was proven that their choice in 2015 was an ambush, under Goodluck Jonathan Nigeria got a huge boost in it’s entertainment industry which is the only strong hold Nigerians can boast of, he also tried to revamp the railways to end the deadly fuel tanker daily explosions, under him Boko Haram which is the worst terrorist group in West Africa was breed, under him Nigeria witnessed the first mass kidnapping of female students, under him the federal capital territory was bombed for the first time, lack of concern to unemployment and removal of fuel subsidy which later turned out to become a huge economy messiah. Goodluck Jonathan can be said to be the only true democrat to ever lead Nigeria, I said he is the only democratic leader Nigeria ever had, under him APC was registered to become a major opposition party, INEC was given real freedom to conduct free and fair elections in Nigeria, Under the Goodluck Jonathan administration, Nigeria rebased it’s GDP for the first time in over a decade to become the largest economy in Africa, overtaking South Africa and Egypt in the process.
Well, sometimes you get hurt by your own rules that was the case with Goodluck, Nigerians Hate losing, you can ask NFF, Nigerians are impatient when it comes to their Welfare, that was the case in Ebele’s administration, he let Boko Haram drag his name to the mud and Nigeria looked for a hard strong hearted man General to be precise, they found it in the person of General Muhammadu Buhari. APC presented an option to us and we gladly went with them but obviously Nigerians have not gotten the dues of their bargain with APC in 2015 till today we still discuss how bad the previous administration was, under Buhari we only hear about the improvements in power sector only on our battery powered radio, for the first time an Administration doubled the price of the Us dollar what it was the previous administration, with little or no attempt to change it, this administration also won an award for the most ridiculous and controversial budget, I can’t jump into descriptions now because we have a serious issue at hand, under Buhari school girls were not kidnapped once but twice, alarming increase in the death and killing of troops by Boko Haram, will believe in his anti corruption vibes if only one of these corrupt APC chieftains is in jail for corruption, the worst representer ever, he will never hesitate to call Nigerians corrupt and lazy on air, in four years Buhari has been voted as the highest adventurer, in four years he has bagged a ” run when it is heated” award all thanks to his tour manager who is advising to Stay away from the country longer than supposed. Nigerians would not hold the stabs to democracy, economy and security on him, only if he had shut his mouth during his campaign, never before was it heard that the federal government provides lands and grazing field for cattle rearers who do not pay even tax under the charade of cattle colonies, I weeped and mourned for Nigeria at the aftermath of operation python Dance and three deaths of one man “Sheakau” in three years, I overheard he is running for second term but am not sure I heard right it was supposed to be ” running term for the second time” doesn’t make sense? I thought so, am not sure I heard right though. This is strictly my democratic view not influenced and you can make you own statement by voting your worst president and commenting your worst leader below. Peace and unity.

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